It’s party time — 9 Comments

  1. The UK government has been promising to do something about immigration for decades. ‘Something’ has turned out to be ‘nothing at all’. Believe your government only if you’re feeling lucky.

    • Lucky or not, I tend not to believe them anyway. The only time I pay any real attention is on Budget Day, and even then I only listen out for the important bits.

  2. Just be glad that you don’t have some of the corrupt, holier than thou, plonkers that we have on this side of the border! 🙁

    Judean peoples front; bloody splitters!

    • I don’t think there’s much to choose between them, except none of our mob want to be part of the UK.

  3. It’s only what’s happening in other EU states once they finally wake up and smell the Belgian waffle – Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands (founder members, remember) all have burgeoning ‘nationalist’ parties winning votes rapidly, threatening the EU hierarchy. In the upcoming EU elections, the Brussels mob are crapping themselves that such parties may even achieve a majority – even if they don’t, they’ll start making lots of noise and asking difficult questions of their dictator-class, the EU Commission. Bring it on.

    Ireland doesn’t need to be subservient to any group, it’s big enough, mature enough and with enough global connections through its diaspora to succeed on its own terms. Give the new parties a vote, what’s to lose?

  4. They’re all self=servings bastards so a vote of any of them is wasted.
    F**k all of them, the iiddiots and asrrssoles

  5. Fanatical minorities are indeed a worry. I wonder if there was a border poll and whether the thought of adding 500k fanatical pro-socialised healthcare anti-EU pro-UK royalists to the voting roster would affect considerations in the Republic.

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