A storm of optimism — 4 Comments

  1. We have one of those solar farms right off the highway that we take into town for groceries. Must be at least ten acres of those bright as mirrors damned things. The trip has to be timed just right to avoid the suns reflection blinding you.

    • It hadn’t occurred to me that they could be a driving hazard, but of course it’s pretty obvious. They should have hedges or some other barrier between the farm and the road?

      • Well, there have been no fatal accidents as yet. Knowing Oregon as I do there is probably a committee somewhere that has decided to wait until X number of Fatals is racked up and then begin a study of the issue.

  2. Well I hope the farmer who’s land it was got a decent bung.

    When reality reasserted itself – which it will – I wonder what he’ll have to pay towards getting the white elephant taken away and “recycled”.

    Wonder if he read the small print.

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