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  1. It was probably just a foundation layer yesterday, especially since the drains were standing proud. Today will be the top surface, and it will be over.

    • No. They laid the foundation a few days ago. This was the final top layer. The drains are flush with the surface but naturally aren’t at the lowest point, so any groundwater will still just flow past them [into my gate].

      I just went out to collect my bin. It seems they were re-setting a manhole cover. I don’t know why…..

      • Last time I observed a road rebuilt to foundations it went like this:
        1. Set drain/manhole covers in road;
        2. remove covers and lay steel plate over holes;
        3. lay top surface;
        4. dig up road to remove plate and replace with original cover
        5. fill in gap around cover.
        This creates a nice weak patch around every drain and manhole so the weather and traffic gets to work right away making potholes.

    • I would usually have the dog. She’s better than any hot water bottle because she doesn’t go cold overnight. Last night she slept on the other bed. It must have been something I said…..

    • Planting pothole seeds? That is a distinctly possibility, though it’s a little early for seeds?

  2. It seems they were re-setting a manhole cover. I don’t know why.

    This could explain why the job was running behind schedule. The correct (politically that is) manhole covers were on back order. The project manager was waiting for the email from Amazon confirming the order has shipped.

    • I don’t know why either. I was down the lane after they packed up on Thursday and the manhole looked fine to me. It still looks fine but is now surrounded by freshly laid tarmac.

      I’m just waiting now for Irish Water to decide to rip up the lane again to lay a new pipe or two.

      • Replacement of water lines is scheduled in phase two of the project. (There is always a phase two.)

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