Hypocrite of the year — 7 Comments

  1. Is that an unfortunate beam of light or does he really have a Neandrathal brow?
    What if it needs a recount. Does he have make the supreme sacrifice and endure another luxury return flight?
    How many trees does he have to plant now? Is Ireland big enough?
    It is tough being a Greenie.

    • It is actually a trick of the light. But there again, the camera never lies?

      I see today he has decided to stay in Dubai as a couple of others have volunteered to vote on his behalf. So now he can cast a few votes without actually being there. That’s democracy….

  2. “I call that hypocrisy on a galactic scale.”

    Here in the U.S.A. I would call it Business as usual for a politician. This seems to be a move taken directly from the Al Gore playbook.

    • Politicians are the same the world over. That’s why I generally ignore them unless they do something really daft, or funny.

  3. Looks by the voting like we have a snowflake amongst us.
    They infest everywhere, sadly.

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