Beanz Meanz Fartz — 13 Comments

  1. Now you need a way to collect that gas and store it under pressure (think propane tank).

    As long as you keep a large supply of beans on hand and change over to a gas heating appliance; your heating bill is covered. But, in case the price of beans increases, you should probably keep the oil burner as a backup.

  2. What is it about flatulence that is so amusing? I could never work that one out. It doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good blast though….

  3. Do keep up, Grandad! It’s not ‘climate catastrophe’ any more; it’s ‘Climate Collapse’.

    • Nope. It’s Global Boiling according to that Gueterres gobshite.

      What the fuck are you doing in a Lincolnshire bog? Whyy don’t you get out?

  4. One is reminded of the Vietnam War correspondent who, in relation to the questionable local food and hygiene standards, commented “Happiness is a dry fart”.

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