Inventing the square wheel — 8 Comments

  1. My local plumbing firm declined to fit one of those lever jobbies saying that they often failed, and indeed most ones in hotels don’t work. The pop-up plugs usually work well until they stick but are relatively easy to unscrew and replace or clean. But of course the temptation is to let the tap run (while cleaning your teeth for instance) without popping down the plug and having to get your fingers wet to pop it up. Which means you waste water… oh no! we are all going to die!

    Perhaps I could invent a finger on a stick?

    • In fairness, I have three [kitchen and two hand basins. None have actually failed and only the kitchen one gets blocked occasionally.

      I clean my teeth by popping them in a glass. Minimal use of water [not that I’m fussy about that].

  2. Didn’t realise Southern Ireland was so tech savvy. See, being in the EU, makes us dummy’s in the UK, yearn for total control again.

  3. That is modern technology for you. Replacing things that are simple and work with things that are complicated and require training service staff to fix them. Thats the plan baby. Make more money.

    I approach my work from a support perspective and stairs don’t break down. Why use technology when you don’t need to?

    Pure greed.

    • I actually used modern technology to fix the problem. I poked a stick down the plughole and that shifted whatever was blocking it.

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