Possibly under siege — 6 Comments

  1. The Cooncil department of High Visibility Warning Artifacts have to report to the Cooncil Coordinating Section that after completing the required risk assesment procedure, the appropriate EU approved circular, vertically tapered, eco-friendly, recyclable artefact has been positioned.
    After checking the received message for systemic, rashishm, hate, all the “phobias” , “isms” ect. the message will be passed on to the Operational Task Dimensional Limitation Department who will send out a team, one to wield the yellow paint spray can, and four to stop traffic while the outline of the hole to be dug is marked in dayglo paint. They will then report to the Cooncil Coordinating Section.
    I can not be arsed going on, but you get the gist.

    • You are probably right. Whatever they are at there is little sign of any movement or progress. A JCB reversed down the lane this afternoon which was the height of our excitement.

  2. Re: The Sludge Gulper. Never put a dead chicken down yer septic tank. It bungs up the sludge gulper hose.

    [Trust me in this, a former chicken keeper]

    PS: Windy Debi has made for a fine blustery day here in Blighty too. We loved it, especially Muffin. Much barking 🙂

    • Why in the name of all that’s holy would I flush a dead chicken down the jax? Is this a religious thing or something kinky?

  3. “Storm” Debi was a bit of a let-down here – 12 hours of a 25 knot wind and a bit of rain.* But these westerly storms are all the same, you lads have all the goodness out them and all we get here on the Lincolnshire coast is a smell of Guinness, Condor pipe tobacco, and a few of Bill Sticker’s bees. (You can tell ’em from the Irish number plates.)
    Speaking of which, you’ll remember the old ones? What eejit thought that black numbers on dark red was a good idea?
    *Don’t worry if you missed it there’ll be another along in a day or two.

    • Welcome Disappointed! There wasn’t that much fun here either. It was a little windy and a spot of rain but it passed very quickly. Nothing to write home about. The West did get hammered though. However we have fun days ahead [apparently] according to a headline yesterday – “Ireland facing ‘conveyor belt’ of storms through winter following Debi“!

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