I’ve got you on my list — 8 Comments

  1. Is the Ukrainian babe hot because of all the shelling?

    Exercise is good for the heart, though 523 may be a little excessive! Unless you’re a teenager when the Internet goes down.

  2. I would wait a short while on the hot babe, if the lane is blocked she won’t get to you and you’ll miss her.

    • It is. They compile lists of valid email addresses and then sell the lists on the Dark Web to spammers. Once on a list there is no way of removing it.

        • I couldn’t be bothered. Anyway the sender uses my email address as “proof I have been hacked” so supposedly it was sent from withing my system. It’s the easiest thing in the world to spoof the senders address. But it would mean that I would just send the virus to myself.

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