The Greta Thunderguts Generation — 10 Comments

  1. Seems to me that if you’re old enough to vote; you’re damned well old enough to pay taxes. Hey kid, you voted for it, time to pony up and help pay for it.

      • They can run a tab. Wait until they hit the 30 to 35-year-old mark. Then slap a lien on every damned thing they have for back taxes and interest.

      • That’s an argument for a 2-tier legislature, one elected by all citizens 16+, and an upper house elected by citizens 16+ elected only by net tax payers. The second or upper chamber sets the overall budget and the taxation levels to fund that budget, the lower chamber or commons sets the laws under which everyone lives or suffers and gets to spend the money they are allowed.
        Not many countries have tried this system, but some have come close.

        • That is an excellent idea. A Lower House that’s elected by 16 year olds [and above] that can propose anything they like. Then an Upper House elected by more mature adults [over 25?] who have the final say in all proposals. That could work?

  2. Yes, of course. Being young, ill educated and believing in any and all leftist, woke, green narratives; without the maturity and experience to discern the lies and mendacity of your dear leaders; these are ***Exactly*** the voters that are needed to ensure the “correct” outcome of future elections.

    Coming soon: “Retirement” of elderly, white, reactionary, bigoted, esp. male, etc. voters from the electoral role. Because {insert reasons here}…

    PS: they are already indoctrinating all kinds

  3. I’ve got one of those and whilst he does in fact have a job- part time- i most definitely wouldn’t let him decide anything important on his own let alone who’s in charge for the next few years., although he does love rally cars and steak so I don’t have to worry about that end of it. That all being said there’s not one of them actually worth voting for anyway.

    • That last bit is very true. Though next they’ll be proposing that kids can become candidates in an election?

  4. To give votes to 16-year-olds is a version of the Whore’s Prerogative, power without responsibility. If you’re not ready to live up to the consequences of your actions, you’re certainly not ready to vote.

    • Good point. Why should a child be able to say what an adult can or can’t do? Give them the vote and then scrap children’s courts. If they want to be adults then treat them all as such.

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