Bewilderment — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe you are too young to remember Terry Scott.
    I suspect that there was some good reason why the BBC used him.
    For me he just sucked humour out of any room with a telly featuring him.
    I would call him a comedic black hole, but that would be some sort of non fearful phobia.

    • Terry Scott and June Whitfield? I remember them well. Roughly the same vintage as Morcambe and Wise?

  2. Friends finished decades ago yet is still being repeated now.

    I must confess I liked friends. There were certain aspects of human nature shown in the show that were worth watching.

  3. All the ‘good’ comedy you mention is from your own generation. What about older stuff, even if that older stuff is from America? I defy anyone not to enjoy the better Laurel and Hardy shorts like ‘The Music Box’,

    Then there is Bilko, and much of Abbot and Costello’s stuff, like the famous ‘Who’s on first’ sketch,

    There is good comedy in all ages, even if tastes and technology do change.

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