Dead days — 5 Comments

  1. It seems the Gubment thought it a good idea to break up the long stretch between August and Christmas. I wish the U.K. had a public holiday in Autumn…October 21at anyone?

  2. I assume it’s just because it’s near Halloween.

    An interesting factoid – apparently Halloween goes back to pagan times and originated in Ireland. It spread and was then hijacked by the Mercans and turned into that ghastly “Trick or Treat”.

    • Seems to have been the original Celtic festival of ‘Samhain’, probably practised throughout these Islands but discontinued due to the first Christian conversion of Britain in the Roman occupation. Ireland, I believe, which the Romans never reached, was then converted from Britain. Then the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes wiped out Christianity in Britain (and a good number of the original Brits en route) but never reached Ireland. The reconversion of Britain began after a couple of hundred years or so, this time from both the South East – from Europe – and from the West and North-West – from Ireland.
      I believe there was some heated debate (perish the thought that they came to blows!) about the real date of Easter. But I really shouldn’t be arguing Irish history with an Irishman!

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