Bums and Finns — 4 Comments

    • Take your pick. I have nothing whatsoever against gay people and know quite a few. God knows there was enough of them in RTE!

      The Mincing Gay is the one who can’t move without moving every joint in the body. Remember Dick Emery? Ooohhh you are awful!

  1. All those readers of Tom Sawyer looking for Huckleberry perhaps?

    And I thought the mincing was because all those arse gyrations would reduce any steak trapped in the cheeks to mince rather quickly (but not as a tasty prospect)

  2. I had a couple of thousand hits via Singapore last month. They came over two or three days, but I mustn’t have held their interest because there has been nothing from there since. Just as I was imagining an invite to visit from their national TV station too. 😉 Oh well.

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