A nasty reminder — 6 Comments

  1. Grandad,
    We were in a couple of supermarkets the other day and as much as we searched high and low we just couldn’t find the Easter eggs…

  2. They used to run Christmas films on TV in July, and my other half would sit there watching them.

    I walked into a big box DIY store last Friday- October 6th- and came face to face with a massive display- over 10% of the store- of Xmas tat.

  3. As a pensive curmudgeon, still with at least two brain-cells capable of operating in parallel, it is clear that you will never fit the demographic model to which such promotions are targeted, so rest easy on your elevated pedestal of intellect and leave the hard-of-thinking or terminally bewildered to enjoy being the centre of the slippery marketeers’ attentions. They deserve each other.

  4. Living literally on the other side of the world to you, we have the ” benefit ” of having Christmas in the middle of our summer. Coming from the UK, I am used to the dark and cold variety. Believe me, seeing all the smug,grinning faces of pretend families round the Christmas barbecues in the TV ads is even worse than the fake snow ones in the UK. I disliked Christmas in the UK, I absolutely hate it here.

  5. Ha ha, someone else in the antipodes, approx;- (NZ opposite Spain).

    Initially I’d thought the “C” word might be a C° sign, as in temperature…
    The magic 42° below, equal in F & C. We even have a vodka named after it…

    But no, Xmas. Which spelling I found out later after years of badmouthing of it had historic precedents.

    I just attempt to ignore the foolishness, sometimes try to correct it. With close friends;- else ignore.

    You’ll be enjoying the warble gloaming when spring gets around again … we’re just coming into it here.

    Best wishes & cheers ~

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