In the eye of the storm — 6 Comments

  1. My wife asked me what I was doing.


    “You did that yesterday”

    “I know, I didn’t finish yet”

  2. From experience over the last thirty years with 3 greyhounds, 2 whippets and a Jack Russell I’ve found embedding the tablets/capsules in Liver pate to be the best technique. You have to be crafty. Assuming she’ll eat it get her used to having it as a daily treat before you add the medication. Rejection is far less likely if she’s eager to wolf it down.

    • Welcome John! The problem with the capsules sort of sorted itself out. She had a violent reaction to the medication causing partial paralysis. I have stopped giving it to her and she is a lot happier!

  3. You Irish blighters have all the fun with these Atlantic storms. You get them first and take all the goodness out of them. By the time they reach here, on the East coast of Lincolnshire (we have a North Coast, too, but there be dragons on the far side) all we get is a stiff breeze smelling faintly of Guinness.

    • Take it from me – you missed nothing. It was a gale at best. Now I have to calculate how much you owe for the Guinness……

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