What a load of rubbish — 2 Comments

  1. Why not have an outside compost bin? Heap? Midden?
    Paper, cardboard, vegetables, wood, all bio-degrades. Meat attracts rats. If you have the space to let it fester, out of sight, for a year or so and start a new one next year. Forget the indoors “compost” bin.
    A little urine, as you are able to provide, helps it go.

    • I have a bin in the kitchen which I use for composting waste. That is emptied periodically onto the compost heap/midden in the garden which is about as far as possible from the house.

      The one compost item I have a problem with is potatoes. Occasionally [i.e. frequently] my supply of potatoes in the house goes past its sell-by. I can’t chuck ’em on the compost heap otherwise I will just get a large crop of spuds. I suppose I could start a special compost heap for them and then just call it my potato patch?

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