Would you buy a second hand car off this man? — 19 Comments

  1. Your bike would be safe with Biden – because he would probably wander off and fall asleep on a bench somewhere.

    • So Biden would wander off and fall asleep, while Trump would probably sell my bike to the first passer by. Doesn’t say much for either of them.

  2. Last thing we need over here is another Trump presidency but I believe the powers that be say he’s ineligible to run due to his many indictments–or so they say. However, as far as the current presidential candidates are concerned? I really couldn’t give a rats ass. Whoever gets elected can’t destroy the country overnight. Only a really big asteroid can do that.

    • I have heard it said that if he is elected, he would have the power to pardon himself anyway. He would probably push through a law stating that no one called Donald Trump can ever be arrested or charged with any crime whatsoever in the future.

      • Dear Grandad

        “Trump is an overheating 1000W bulb …”

        Yep – brilliant.

        President Trump started 0.0 wars – no wonder Democrats hate him. He got at least two Gulf states to recognise Israel and handled that nice Mr Kim like a pro (Kim “I have nuclear button on my desk.” President Trump “My button is bigger than yours.”).

        If Trump were president there would be no war in Ukraine. Had Hillary won in 2016, my guess is we would have had a full scale nuclear war by now.

        Because of the two term limit, presidents tend to do their most dramatic stuff in their second term, because they cannot run again. That is why Trump had to be stopped and why they keep gunning for him: they cannot afford to allow him to be president again: he would do too much good for the common man; too much damage to the deep state.

        Whosoever is controlling President Bidden is committing elder abuse.


  3. We are so lucky in UK with our political leaders.
    Aye, right.
    Probably Eire is similarly blessed. Your posts seem to indicate that this is true.

  4. Thing is, most people’s decision would be based on what they thought they knew based on what they see and hear in the meeja.

    For example, a friend recently said something about “that idiot Trump” after some news story or the other. I asked “have you actually listened to any of his speeches – not just the soundbites on the news?”. Their reply? “Why would I want to listen to any speeches from that idiot?”

    It does seem that all the Great & The Good, the same ones who do very nicely on the gravy train, are all shouting “ORANGE MAN BAD” and they *Really* want his guts. Would I trust any of them with your bike? (or an election…)

  5. In 2016 it struck me as odd that The Donald and Hillary were the best they could come up with out of a nation of over 300 million. The same in 2020 with The Donald and Sleepy, Creepy Joe. Both times I thought Trump was the least worst option but come on America, surely you can do better than that.

    • There is a fairly simple reason for this – money. It costs tens of millions to be a presidential candidate which reduces the pool considerably. Out of that smaller pool you then are left with those with political ambitions.

  6. Don’t normal Americans think that legal-paper-strewn, plastic dynasties like the Kennedys, the Clintons and the Obamas are still chucking their weight around with gay abandon, and actually stuffing the normal US Citizen?

    Good luck to those who still think that these families are the way forward for their once-great country, because it ai’nt the way it’s going…

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