How to make a baby — 4 Comments

  1. Don’t.
    The “real” world at least in the “West” is a sexual / gender minefield.
    I am so glad, present aging decrepitude excepted, that I passed through my breeding years when men were real men, women were real women and little furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were….. you know the rest.
    There were those of an alternative persuasion, but they were friends and none of us made an issue of it.

    • My mistake. By “real” I meant good logical old fashioned world where most of us were reared. Kids should learn about gravity by falling. They should learn to fight viruses by mucking around in dirt to gain immunity. They should learn bad behaviour can have dire consequences. They should learn respect for those who [generally] know better. Most importantly they should learn that life is full of rough and tumbles and should not be wrapped in cotton wool and bubble wrap.

  2. Does it not have this handy info on it?
    “This is available in other languages including;”

    This became common on all government leaflets in the late nineties as I recall.
    Wonder what change prompted this.

    • I searched everywhere on the “Mychild” section and couldn’t find any reference to language. As far as I am aware, all gubmint sponsored information has to, by law, be in Irish and English. Other languages are optional.

      At the very bottom of the page there is a tiny link – “Accessibility”. That brings up a page where language can be changed to Irish [as required by law] but there is no linking baack to the Mychild” section. In fact I can’t find any links on the HSE site that point to it. Crap web design!

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