Hating paint — 9 Comments

  1. Grandad, I’m no lawyer but what you describe is a zebra crossing and few exist now. The crossing in your picture is not a zebra crossing so I’d guess that there is no definition of what should be on the road (apart from the studs/road markings), and that’s how these goons must get around the law.

    There is no copyright on the rainbow colours. The same sequence is used for many things – the resistor colour code for one, though in the faggot flag black, brown and white are missing – well the crossing has white. Isn’t it amazing, that a flag that is meant to represent inclusivity has no black brown or white?

  2. Pedantry alert.
    White has all the colours of the rainbow in it. See dark side of the moon. So is the epitome of inclusive.
    Black is complete absence of any colour. See the road runner.

    • It depends on whether you are talking about radiated or absorbed light. All radiated colours will produce white while all absorbed colours will produce black. Road Runner?

    • I already know this, however the problem is, since light produces colour by its frequency, it doesn’t work with paint. Paint just does what it says on the tin.

  3. Funny how the weak willed and entitled define ‘Hate’ isn’t it?

    Apparently they can stuff their rancid philosophies in everyone’s face, but when anyone protests, then it’s automatically ‘Hate’.

    Some organic life forms have no sense of proportion.

  4. Are you sure it’s paint on those sodomy stripes? If a “pride parade” has passed by I wouldn’t be too sure.

    They’d best make the most of it though, as it can’t be too long before arse bandits are publically flogged.

    The pendulum has swung much too far and when it swings back….

  5. I’m in Wellington NZ and we’ve had a pride crossing for years, it has horizontal rainbow stripes so your Irish crossing is triggering our team of 5,000,000. If you don’t repaint it I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue (or rainbow)

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