Going bananas — 3 Comments

  1. Can bananas be frozen? The resultant mush would be good for sarnies
    Can bananas be fermented? And the resultant mash distilled?
    Do you have a nearby corner that noisy motorcyclists whizz round?

    • Dooners, yes, bananas can be frozen, and if you can whip them up straight from the freezer, they’re fantastic as a sort of ice cream – according to a daughter…

      And yes, bananans can be fermented, and are an ideal way to make a sweet full-bodoed alcohol addition to some awful acidic stuff you’ve made and really want to chuck away!

      As for motorbikes, that’s a new one on me, but well worth a try!

      Grandad, I nevero knew that they survived for longer in the fridge! I found that cucumbers are better left in the room though!

  2. I noticed that Walmart wraps plastic film around the stems of hands of bananas. Apparently it works as the bananas gas off ethylene through the stem and this provokes ripening. Wrapping the stems, individually better, slows down the process.

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