Putting poo in shampoo — 3 Comments

  1. Poor Penny. I think our dogs feel shame for incidents like that, but at least you now have the tools to deal with them properly.

    Tilly is struggling on. She was sedated at the vets yesterday getting fluid drained from her leg joint, and steroids injected directly into it. Unfortunately the vet tells us that if she doesn’t respond to this, that they can do little else for her. The steroids make her drink and pee more, so last night was an interesting one, with me sleeping on the couch with her and taking her out to the garden a few times during the night. No accidents yet fortunately, but if she doesn’t respond to this treatment in the next few days, and is still in pain from her lameness, things don’t look good. 🙁

    Look after yourselves, and spoil your Penny.


    • I don’t think Penny feels any shame as I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. Certainly the poos can arrive when she’s just walking around the room or even when she’s lying down [usually on my bed].

      The things we go through for our pets?!

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