Podcast – 4 — 4 Comments

    • An easy thing to overlook.

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  1. I remember when my son first started listening to Bon Iver many years ago, I was so pleased that he liked such beautiful music with thoughtful lyrics. Holocene was lovely. I have to admit you sometimes surprise me!

    Relieved to hear that the Cardiac Ambulance story had a happy ending.

    Sue, Toronto

    • Welcome Sue! Don’t worry – I surprise myself sometimes. My taste in music is somewhat eclectic. The only categories I tend to avoid like the plague are jazz, blues and opera, though there is a piece of operatic extraction in my favourites list. I also dislike any of the Russian classical composers. Nothing to do with politics: I just find them heavy and dreary.

      The Cardiac Ambulance story did indeed have a happy ending. It was a moment of mind-blowing strangeness and I’m sure we’ll laugh about it some day.

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