Back to the fuchsia again — 2 Comments

  1. Never seen a Fuchsia hedge! I do love them though, and we have a couple of dozen dotted around The Turrets!

    The only good thing about cutting hedges, is that half the village comes wandering by, and the whole morning is arranged with several chats – some with the gorgeous ladies from down the road, and that’s when I wish I hadn’t run out of batteries!

    But those extended hedge-cutters are buggers on the limbs; such that I had to sell mine on Ebay and use a lightweight one!

    • Damn! I spelled “Fuchsia” incorrectly which is a bad error under the circumstances.

      Yes, indeed, Fuchsia is a lovely hedge usually with a mass of pretty red flowers. However it can grow to a massive size and has to regularly be put in its place. Unfortunately it had grown so bg that I coudn’t see the lane from the front garden so I missed out on the Pretty Things who live around here.

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