All our eggs — 4 Comments

  1. A similar madness to build more windmills subsidise EVs and attract server farms here in NZ too, meanwhile warning of power cuts…
    Oh, and reducing the dairy herd because they fart the dreaded methane, and that could be bad, although recently contested about how bad.

    Reminds me of …

    One day in a land far away and a time long gone a Priest came to where the Many were tending their crops and livestock and said…

    “There are locusts coming and we must prepare!”

  2. All those of us with an IQ in at least double digits can see a mythical objective (Net Zero) being magically created that is absolute bollocks. This is followed by an imaginary bollocks target date by which the earlier bollocks is to be achieved or the planet will allegedly implode (or some similar bollocks threat). Then a series of disconnected and conflicting bollocks policies are imposed which no-one seems prepared to challenge, as the accepted bollocks has by now gained pseudo-religious status.
    Where is the innocent child who’s going to point out that the Emperor Net-Zero-Bollocks is actually stark-bollock naked?

  3. The con-men in power supply have long gone away with their squillions of money after telling the politicians all this cobblers about free electricity!

    Naturally, any average politician isn’t too bright where it comes to financial expertise, so will agree to anything like the stupid Net Zero ‘target’!

  4. I honestly find it quite incredible. The alarm bells are ringing and there are warnings of an Amber Alerts because of a lack of wind and sufficient sunlight yet they persist with their idiotic electrification of everything, with no reserves. On top of that, they are actively encouraging the building of server farms which are already consuming more power than the domestic market They can see the iceberg ahead and instead of stopping they are ordering flank speed.

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