Newer does not mean better — 10 Comments

    • I suppose your keys would save you microseconds fumbling around in your pocket? Assuming they’re in your pocket of course.

  1. Do what I do: go to the shop That way I can see what is good in the fresh food line, and buy in the right quantity to avoid waste. I suppose on-line would do if I just ate out of tins and frozen ready-meals.

    • Travel five miles [and back] to fight with a dodgy trolley while I walk endless aisles looking for whatever I’m looking for while being “entertained” by horrible musak before having to offload at the checkout and reload before offloading into the car and then having to bring each item into the house? No thanks. It’s easier to do online. And anyway, who would look after the Missus while I’m gone?

  2. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it… except that all the clerisy (PR, web designers, senior managers) derive their employment from doing their things and justifying their existence. If there were fewer changes we would need fewer people. QED.

    • An endless circle of people fixing stuff that the person in front did and then handing whatever to the person behind? It makes sense?

  3. Recently, my favorite wine gums started sporting an “Improved recipe” splash. I only noticed it yesterday, but a couple o weeks before, I noticed that they went to pieces much more easily and lasted only about 1/3 as long as they used to.

  4. That site must be a Microsoft product. Their updates always seem to take great pleasure in hiding the options you need, while making great show of the ones you don’t. If there was an easy way to do something, you can rely on MS to find a much more onerous way to do it after the next update. You have my sympathies.

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