When black means bad — 4 Comments

  1. Do you not have seagulls, crows, rodents, foxes, etc. which just love bulging, pongy black plastic bags.
    Half the contents, even the Dog poo, will be eaten, and the remainder will be strewn about, willy-nilly.
    Who was Willy Nilly? Did he have a long suffering wife who had to go searching for all the little Nillys every evening?
    There is a story to be told.

  2. Do what a fox would do if it had half a brain and opposable thumbs.
    Empty that bag on the back lawn, leave it for 13 days or whatever the cycle is, then re-bag and put out for collection.

    We should only put out to recycle what’s left when nature can’t do it for us.

  3. An interesting solution, if a bit messy. We don’t have seagulls [too far inland] but we have the rest in abundance. The problem is the mess. I suppose I could use the back of the North Wood? But then I’m left with picking up the remainder which would be somewhat stomach-churning? I have had to do that in the past when some cunt up the lane started chucking his rubbish into my plot.

  4. I was an IT guy before I retitred last Year. When I was first a programmer in 1982 the rumor was the 3GL programming languages such as Cobol were making the guys that wrote Assembler and machine code reduntant. A couple of years later we were told that 4GL would make all us Cobol programmers out of work. Then I waorked on Data Basic and databases, now its 1989. And I was working on 4GL and databases until I retired last year.

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