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  1. Iv always said that Ireland is used as a testing ground for any scam to be used on the public.
    First the smoking ban now world wide.
    Them there was the 10 different bins for your rubbish.
    Now you have free speech been curtailed.
    Children been ‘groomed’ in the classroom.
    20 different genders.
    Next will be 15 min cities where you cant move more that 15 mins away from your house if you do you need permission and will have to pay a charge.
    Own a car forget it, the elites dont want the serfs to own a car clogging up the roads for them.
    Speak out and you will get cancelled loose your job;
    But people keep voting for these muppets.

    • We are the first country in the world to achieve international virtue signalling.

      Fucking irritating.

      And I don’t vote for them any more as there is no one decent enough to vote for.

  2. They don’t want you to have alcohol, tabaco, or ammunition as they can all be readily traded for goods and services and unlike fiat currency, they are not as susceptible to inflation. They are even trying to do away with cash and force you to use electronic transfers. This is so they cut you off if you offend those in power as they did to the protesters in Canada. Like wise you will be force to have your heating, appliances, and vehicles all be electric as it is easy to turn the power off when the ruler are displeased with you. No matter what reason they publicly state, the real reason is so that they can remain in power.

    • It’s a very sad reflection on the world but I am just glad to be near the exit door and not just starting. I shudder to think of the future my Grandkids will have.

  3. I don’t know how the Irish government works, but the British taxpayer pays to subsidise the House of Commons’ and Lords’ bars, so they can all get sloshed and become even more incompetent.

    An easy way to understand the strength of booze over here, is to read the ridiculous little bit on the back of any bottle which says how many ‘units’ are contained inside – I’m sure you have similar twaddle on your bottles and cans!

    At my age, I go for quality over quantity, and need too have the strength of the contents rather than the gallon of my younger years…

  4. I think I’m going to stop eating diced carrots. Or any sort of carrot; can’t be too careful. Whadaya mean, “Yes you can?”.

    • The strange thing is that abstaining from carrots will not have the desired effect. It’s just one of the mysteries of biology.

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