A cry for the Forgotten — 13 Comments

  1. Identify as a American with whom it is a cultural thing and as such it is unacceptably racist diktat.

    • That could work. It might be easier though to claim discrimination on grounds of religion?

  2. When a child, I loved the smell of the smoke from a pipe. There were so many pipe smokers and so many different smells.
    Also the smell of the unsmoked tobacco in its tin was magic. Likewise a visit into a Tobacconist.
    Pipe smokers were/are contemplative. Never rash. The ritual of the pipe allowed time for thought before giving answers.

    • Same story here.

      My father was a pipe smoker, and always seemed to have a pipe hanging out of his mug. I took it up when I was 20 and have had a pipe going at some time of the day every since, (I’m going to hit 71 this week). So far other than the occasional head cold in winter, no issues.

      • Happy Birthday James! I used to catch colds and flu on a fairly regular basis. Since I left work though they seem to be a thing of the past. Work can damage your health apparently. They should issue warnings on the pack…

    • I have said this before but people frequently stop and remark that the smell of pipe smoke reminds them of their father or their grandfather.

      We used to have a tobacconist in the village with a lovely display of pipe tobacco. Those were the days when the baccy came in tins and I can still visualise the shelves with the lids displayed. I still love the aroma when I open a pack.

      • I used to get the same sort of comments, but they started to dry up when I discovered Latakia blends.

  3. When the Lord of the Rings films were made, I half expected the pipe smoking scenes to have been removed.

    Anglican clergy were once prominent among pipesmokers, I think there is even a pipe called a ‘churchwarden,’ an ecclesiastical role peculiar to the Anglican tradition

    • Next time we meet, remind me to bring my Churchwarden and my Shire. I don’t usually bring them out of the house as they are rather long, and a bit fragile as a result. I have broken a couple of Churchwardens in the past [pipes, not actual people].

  4. Pipe tobacco, which I hand-roll and smoke as cigarettes, still enjoys a considerable price advantage in the U.K. – Condor ready rubbed about £18/50 gram: Amber Leaf cigarette tobacco about £28. But what about the poor cigar smoker? Cigars are insanely expensive here.

    • My father used to occasioanlly roll pipe tobacco. The problem is that it’s a bit moist?

      As for the price? Fuck! It’s twice that here, somewhere around €16 for 25 grams. Time for a ferry trip?

      • Oops! I meant to write £18 for 50 grams. Ferry trip still a good idea. Or buy on line from the U.K. £90 for 5 packs of 50g.

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