By any other name — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, come on! How are the DUP going to object to anything if it doesn’t have a catchy name? ‘No’ is such a concise statement, but if it comes at the end of a 500 word explanation of what they are objecting to, it loses its punch. The attention span of DUP voters simply isn’t long enough to cope with all those words, some of which might even be more than two syllables!

  2. What’s the betting that they used the Windsor name as a deliberate ploy to appeal to the Unionists’ love of royalty?

    • You’re right, loyalists cannot object to a royal reference. In Gerry Fitts’s autobiography (remember him?), he tells the story of naming the queens bridge here in Belfast. The unionists wanted to name it after Carson, our wonderful first PM who openly boasted about never having employed a catholic. Fitt saw this a a dig at catholic residents of Belfast, so instead proposed Queen’s Bridge as a less obnoxious alternative. They couldn’t refuse.
      He was completely against violence, which meant he was hated by both types of paramilitary, but he was a hard worker and damned clever, and was loved by his constituents. There aren’t many politicians like that!! Use Google to find a picture of his house back in the day to see the way he had to live to avoid attack.

      • Wasn’t Fitt and moderate nationalism generally one of the things thrown under the bus by Heath (spit) as he needed unionist support for his euro whoring obsession?

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