Needling the vet — 10 Comments

  1. So glad to hear that Penny is doing fine GD. IMO she’d be better off without both cone and bandage though, let her at the stitches, she wants to lick the wound rather than pick at them. Its instinct as a dog’s saliva is a natural antiseptic and Penny will heal her own wound faster than stitches ever could.

    • Penny has an uncanny ability to sniff out blood. I frequently end up with tears and scratches on my hands from the brambles in the Estate. She invariably sniffs out the wounds, even ones I wasn’t aware of. She then insists on giving them a very gentle licking. Unusually though she is completely ignoring her own wound.

    • Heh! She would be so insulted. Anyway the wound is on her lower leg so a coat wouldn’t cover it.

  2. The site is slow opening comments again. The site opened normally, i.e. a second or so but when I tried to open comments it was about 10 seconds.

    Anyway, I came in here to wish you a happy birthday. 😀

    EDIT: Also, it took about 10 seconds to post the comment and a similar amount of time after that for the edit link to appear.

    • Bugger! I have stripped out just about everything [which has resulted in a lot more spam getting halfway in]. Any more stripping and there are several things that will just fail to work properly. I’m down to the bare essentials.

      Having said that, I find the Admin area of the site tediously slow – a lot more than 10 seconds to load a page. I’m getting too old for this lark.

      And thanks for the wishes! I’m surprised anyone remembered.

  3. Yup, Penney’s right intelligent she is. Someone has to be (wink wink and all that). And a Happy Birthday to you, sir. Put a candle on your pill box. That’s what I do.

    • Thank you sir. I’m getting a bit old for candles. The number required would set off too many alarms.

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