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  1. My wife is the major pill consumer here at our digs. She has one of those pill caddy things for a weeks’ worth of doses.
    The damned thing takes around 45 minutes to fill.
    As for Me, hah! I have four pills I take every day, two in the AM and two in the PM. I spend a grand total of maybe, 15 seconds a day* with my meds.

    *This is if I allow a few seconds to retrieve the one that drops into the basin before it goes down the drain.

    • Those caddies are the bane of my life, but they do make doling out the dose a lot easier [and safer]. I spend about 30 minutes n Thursday doing mine and about 45 minutes doing hers on Friday.

  2. You’ll end up taking pills to counter the side-effects of other pills which cause symptoms for which more pills are ‘needed’.

    It takes courage and a different attitude to reject any doctor’s advice, but how about just stop taking all of them and see what happens?

    EG: I was prescribed Pantoprazole for hiatus hernia/acid re-flux years ago. It worked, but I ended up with gut pains which were, to the GP, unexplained. After many expensive but unnecessary tests the medics were still baffled, as the results did not match their expectations.

    “Don’t stop taking the Pantoprazole, that’s not the problem, they said.”

    But being a cantankerous old fellow, not one to follow authority, I stopped taking it.

    Guess what? No more gut pains!

    I don’t know if the side-effects information for Pantoprazole has been updated, but it should have been. It works just fine for a few months, but then is toxic.
    That was just one drug reaction. How many similar problems would you have with multiple drugs, none of which have ever been tested for their interactions with other drugs! So your 13pd, or her 25pd, have millions of combined and potentially damaging effects when ingested together…

    • That has always been my theory born out of experience. A couple of my pills are purely to counteract the effects of other pills. It’s no wonder Big Pharma is making such vast profits.

      A couple of times I have forgotten to take my morning ones and each time the day turned somewhat surreal. Another time I accidentally took my evening ones in the morning which was a disaster. That resulted in a very weird day that I would sooner forget.

  3. My mother-in-law was terminally ill and was referred to our local hospice for care. The first thing the hospice doctor did was go through the list of tablets my MIL was taking and weed out the unnecessary ones. Bit of a high bar though.

    In the UK a good pharmacist (I have one) will invite you to an annual review of your medications and suggest changes if necessary.

    • Herself had to go into hospital a while back. They checked the list of medications and decided to stop one of the doses. The withdrawals had a catastrophic effect including hallucinations. That medication had a warning notice on its pamphlet – Do NOT stop taking this medication unless under strict medical supervision. Needless to say the hospital never did any supervision. I presume they thought this was normal behaviour and that she was just a bit tapped.

  4. I heard of a lady who was on multiple pill prescriptions and every time she went to the doc’s her levels were upupup or downdowndown, despite their best analytical prescribing. Eventually they asked for her comments and she said she’d found it all too complicated so emptied all the bottles into one bag and took out a random 10 every day.

    Looks like if she could survive that she could do without the lot. My dear GP friend told me in many cases old ladies would be better off ditching the drugs and having a sherry every night.

    • I knew a bloke at work who was on a couple of prescriptions. One was for sleeping and one was to give him a boost in the morning. Then onetime the pharmacist accidentally switched the labels on the bottles……..!

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