I am awake — 6 Comments

  1. So the descendants of Afrikaners who emigrated to the US of A are African Americans?
    The other thing that gets my goat is the US of A appropriating the name of a whole two continents. America.
    Anyway we are told that the whole human race came out of Africa.
    That’s why whenever some officious form asks for my race I always tick “mixed”.
    Any native of the British Isles is a mongrel. We, our ancestors, have been everywhere and everybody has been here. All happily shagging. And I think that we are the better for it. Minimum inbreeding.

    • I would imagine that nearly 100% of African Americans are in fact American American? It’s just one of those coy expressions designed to avoid offense.

      Incidentally, my grandmother was French, so am I French Irish? Things could get complicated if we all started describing ourselves by ancestry!

  2. Blacks have little if anything to do with “woke”. it is an invention of white liberals trying to destroy civilization. Why? because they never matured beyond the 2 year mentality of knocking down towers of blocks an older sibling had built.

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