So much for SETI — 14 Comments

    • Nobody likes being spied on. The little buggers were hiding out in an underground hangar at Area51.

      (I only know this because I have a friend whose cousin used to work there.)

  1. Ease up a bit Grandad, we did you a favor. They were headed your way after all.

    I am of the opinion that they were headed for the Peterson shop in order to fetch a few new pipes and tins for trade stock. Where they were bound after that I can’t even hazard a guess.
    A quick trip down to Spain for taking in a bull fight is possible, but not likely.

  2. Biden might have had his arse handed to him by a nation of goatherders, but see those balloons, he is going to show them that he won’t be intimidated by bunch of big balloons.
    Seems that Trudeau had to ask Biden to shoot down the invaders over Canada.
    He did ask, didn’t he? Not just AirBiden taking liberties when it comes to national borders?

  3. Just an observation: the increasing hysteria and accompanying sabre rattling, the monging of wars: Ukraine – anyone notice that pipeline? CHINESE SPY BALLOONS – Taiwan next?

    These are not a good look for anyone save Dr Strangelove and his friends V Newland and chums – sentient or Biden.

    Me? Have shelter & supplies, plus the black bags into which we can crawl when Our Dear Government says we should (see R Briggs “When the wind blows” – so reassuring don’t you think…)

  4. Don’t worry defense contractors have pledged to send billions of dollars to developed next generations anti balloon weapons. The leading design is a giant pin mounted on the front of the plane.

  5. In other news Fred Smith of 27 Acacia Avenue has been reported missing. His wife said she last saw him on Saturday when he popped out saying he just wanted to check the propane heater and passenger basket of his balloon but he never came back for his tea.

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