Pride — 8 Comments

  1. Excellent.

    In a time of the exaltation of mediocrity, I love to hear of recognition of unashamed excellence. I’m sure he will love it.

    (My son did the Saturday morning Talented Youth programme with DCU more than twenty years ago, he loved every minute of it).

    • Well, your son seems to have landed on his feet afterwards. It will be interesting to see which subjects Grandson will choose. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity anyway.

  2. Let him know you are proud of him.
    As to Hell, you will be in much better company than with all the Holy Willies* in their strait-laced “Heaven”. But I am just a believing Prod.
    *Read Robert Burns’ satire.

    • Grandson is a strange character [he’s very like me as a lad]. Knowing him, he’ll just shrug off any praise and say “whatever” or somesuch. He’s not big headed anyway.

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