On being antisocial — 10 Comments

  1. “I don’t know if it’s some kind of dementia, or if she just doesn’t give a fuck.”

    Well, when you get right down to it; is there actually a difference?

  2. My 15 year old cat is much the same, he has lost loads of weight, blood tests didn’t show a cause. Still eating but what he eats varies from one day to the next, costing me a fortune! I know his time is running out but I don’t want to let him go, he doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort. Going by past experience when they stop eating it’s time. Hope Penny is ok, could be a kind of dementia my 21 year Siamese got it, she became incontinent but I didn’t mind cleaning up but eventually she forgot to eat, just stared at her food but didn’t know what to do with it! Good luck with Penny it’s heartbreaking when a much loved pet gets old.

    • One thing Penny still loves is her food. She’s a grazer so every now and then she grabs a mouthful of dry food and brings it up to her couch. She then spits it out and slowly crunches each piece,

  3. I’m not sure the keen awareness of the potential for chicken would be consistent with dementia. I think it’s more likely to be a cultivated sense of detachment from the triviality of humans.

  4. The distance could also come from the meds Penny is on? Perhaps she is simply stoned and constantly looking for munchies?

    Our dog, Tilly is 14 years old and behaves fairly similarly. She has been on Librella jags for a couple of years but stopped playing with her squeaky toys a long time back (except for occasional short periods), ignores other dogs, preferring to sniff their scents rather than interact with the actual dogs. She still loves her grub, but now seems to be getting smart and holds back until treats are added to it before eating (except if offered a walk, when she suddenly wolfs the lot before we go out). She still loves long tummy tickles, but the choice of time for this is hers.

    She still has a passionate hatred for cats, squirrels and small furry creatures generally. If that and her desire to walk go, then we will know that she is nearing her end. 🙁

    Try the Youmove dietary supplement as a cure for her accidents. It worked well for Tilly. One tablet per day should suffice.

    Good luck,


    • Thanks very much for that Ian. I did further research to try to find a link between aloofness and Librella but every result came up with the same thing – no side effects except maybe some irritation around the injection site. However….. I did find a few sites on the subject of osteoarthritis in dogs and they say that one of the symptoms is “temperament changes” which could cover it? Sadly, Penny is still showing a lot of the symptoms, such as stiff gait, reluctance to jump in or out of the car or onto the couch, and this is after her third treatment. She”s in for her operation next Wednesday so I’ll have a word with the vet then. I;ll ask him about YuMove too.

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