Monday conundrums — 4 Comments

  1. Go and see the Doc, GD, at least it sounds like you can still get an appointment.
    If not make an appointment with the Vet, I do think there actually quite sensible.

  2. Your use of slang, jargon, wee swearies and dialect has thrown their search engines, or whatever they use to automatically trawl the Interwebs, into a paddy.
    This calls for human intervention. Thus your clicks.
    They think it possible that you are sending coded messages to some re-revolutionary group.
    Either that or they think you are a wise old man living up a mountain issuing cryptic (see slang, jargon….. above) coded messages.The Great O’Rackle, goes into trances induced by the Powers 43.2 per cent.

  3. The Great Firewall has stopped access to all but two non-Chinese websites: your site and Which one would you choose?

    That’s my theory, do with it what you will. 😉

    Oh, and go and see the doc. He might have a better theory or a cure for your headaches.

  4. You are a famous author. Was ‘Head Rambles’ ever published in Chinese? You may have more royalties coming than you thought. Depending on the exchange rate, you may have enough coming to buy a new pipe and a couple of tins of tobacco.

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