Where the arse rules — 11 Comments

    • I wouldn’t recommend Scotland, although half my family live there. Nice people, lovely country, but very socialist nanny state, corrupt, controlling and woke, with the kind of fake democracy that you seem to have in Ireland.

      Currently governed by the SNP (Scottish Nationalist), who’s leaders make a nice living pretending to want independence while ensuring it doesn’t happen so that the Westminster gravy train keeps delivering to them and their mates.

      And then there’s that matter of “I have a plan so that we can remain anonymous but have maximum effect”…

  1. The cute hoors will protect themselves.

    Provisional Sinn Fein have maxed out at 36-37%, nowhere near enough to form a government and no possibility of coalition partners. FG/FF will muster 45%, especially with the massive election war chest they are building up, and a handful of independents will restore them to power Perhaps (FG) Pro-Treaty Sinn Fein and FF (Anti-Treaty Sinn Fein) will merge and simply call themselves Official Sinn Fein

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