Trials and tribulations — 14 Comments

  1. Just to show you where I’m at on the computer evolutionary scale, “I have two options” was the last thing I understood.

    These issues could explain why I no longer get alerts about new posts.

  2. Couldn’t you just hand code it in HTML ?

    (Just asking)

    Seriously though, if it works just “back away with your hands in the air” – System Upgrade always brings pain…

    • Actually you have given me an idea. I could resurrect some of the old code I used on archiving Anna Raccoon and write my own code to do the job. That should keep me out of mischief for a month or three?

  3. My sympathies. I have exactly the same problem as I refused to upgrade WordPress because lots stopped. I then decided to replace it with something else but did nothing.

    I’ve now taken the lazy option and just kicked the can down the road by ignoring all the warning messages.

    Maybe next year.

  4. I seem to have the same problem of late. So much so that I absolutely refuse to do clean installs on anything anymore. I just keep on updating/upgrading. I’ve been fortunate with my OS (Linux Mint) as it updates/upgrades without complaint or error. Pretty much the same with updating my website that I stopped posting to but don’t have the heart to wipe it.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Nah! I like living dangerously. I recently installed Mint 21.1 Beta for the craic. Naturally I ran into problems updating then to the final release. All working well now though. For the moment…….

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