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  1. But they’re 200% right, and it’s much, much worse than they thought. The Global Climate Catastrophe is already causing catastrophic climate, all over the globe, worse than ever before. The climate is much hotter and colder, with more droughts and floods, swarms of plagues and plagues of swarms, all at the same time and much more frequently. Unless we drastically do drastic things, de-civilize civilization back to the dark ages and rapidly step-change climate research funding we will tip over a tipping point real soon now. And Gretta will scream and scream until she makes herself sick (and she can).

  2. Don’t give yourself a headache trying to make sense of (anything said about) climate change.

    Until all the recent highly-accurate measurements made by satellites, etc., showing there’s no problem with world temperatures and anyhow it’s not due to CO2, are accepted by more-than-just-real-scientists (i.e., climate ‘scientists’), this nonsense will continue.

    After all, there’s big money to embezzle, so keep the scam going. And big taxes to collect too.

  3. I am convinced that if we pay more taxes it will stop global warming/cooling/climate change. So pay up peasants.

  4. I am currently reading a book called “Blood of the Isles” by Bryan Sykes.It is tracing the origins of the population of the British Isles (including Ireland) using DNA to trace the movements of people over time. He makes the point that until relatively recently,that is the last 12000 years or so , there was no one living in Britain or Ireland simply because it was still covered in ice. No one caused the rapid warming to produce the temperate climate enjoyed today, it happened naturally because the Earth wobbles on its axis and its orbit changes slightly.This together with a variation in the Suns output, is enough to drive Ice ages.
    The climate change farrago is nothing more than an international scam and bollocks on stilts.
    Incidentally, can anyone tell me what it is that qualifies a child like Greta Thunberg as an expert on climate ?

  5. Of course climate changes. If it didn’t we would not be here.
    Rivers are water that is actually changing temperature constantly.
    Absolutely pointless sticking a thermometer in one and proclaiming its warming or cooling. But never let a scare go to waste.

    Oh and those roofing chaps work is top notch.

  6. “Incidentally, can anyone tell me what it is that qualifies a child like Greta Thunberg as an expert on climate ?”

    She is willing to say the things that those ‘leading’ us want to hear.

  7. I can’t remember who first said it, but:

    Putting “Climate” in front of “Scientist” is like putting “Witch” in front of “Doctor”.

    Says it all, really.

  8. Rather than the plainly unbalanced but covertly steered Greta Thunberg, what we really need is an innocent child to point out that the Climate Change Emperor is indeed naked and his imagined suit lacks any substance at all to conceal his inadequacies. Trouble is, they’ve worked that out so are already indoctrinating all the kids from kindergarten upwards to head-off that exposure of their imperial fantasies.

  9. A glacier in Switzerland is melting, and bodies and artifacts are emerging from the ice, that means the climate was warmer once upon a time to allow those folks to live there before it was colder. How can that be if it is only now that the climate is warming ?

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