Not the quiet life I expected — 4 Comments

  1. The W C Fields clip was great, thanks!

    I imagine in the Manor Grandad is unused to sounds from above, perhaps birds, but not industrial ones.

    I’ve had to get used to a 7-7:30am rubbish truck, carpark noises, neighbour renovations with power tools, and can sleep or nap through some of them.

    “Work! I can listen to it all day!”

    But what really gets me instantly alert (to anger and grief) out of a great sleep, is heavy thudding footsteps overhead, from their floor pan to my ceiling …

    Living in an apartment block on the penultimate floor.

    It’s like a cave man lizard brain response to T-Rex. Instantly wakened to full alertness, out of perchance a beautiful dream as well as maybe deep sleep.

    We’ve talked several times, and I’ve called up, but as so brilliantly illustrated in the WCF clip, sometimes it hard to tell where it’s coming from …

    The whole concrete floor pan vibrates like a giant bass drum and sound transmits to adjacent apartments as well.

    Power tools and hammering for some hours this morning. I can respect that.

    But careless strutting stomping heel strike first footfalls in the early am are far worse. It really is like an instant awakening to a thud thud thud thud thud.

    So count yourself lucky;- they’ll be away soon.

    I hope the work works this time! The last place I was in had leaky roof problems too, eventually fixed.


    • I had a good chuckle at that video too. I did not enjoy living in the suburbs with families close beside me on each side. The idea of people above and below me too would leave me distinctly uncomfortable. I could never live in a flat [sorry – apartment]. One of the factors I treasure most here is the complete peace and quiet [when Roofers aren’t around], apart from birdsong and the odd breeze rustling the leaves.

      • Flat, yes, it’s even called that on some correspondence.
        On reflection, ‘Apartment’ is a misleading word. We’re not that apart at all…
        But, I suppose ‘Closement’ wouldn’t sell so well in the real estate catalogues.

        I do have some varied birdsong though, overlooking a park, and a few trees in the carpark behind even host some sparrows.
        But then there are the fucking skyrat pigeons pooping on my balcony as well.

        It’s an interim space. I’d far rather be on the ground floor with a section and a garden, trees, and have peace and quiet!

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