Bury me deep — 8 Comments

  1. Maybe best not to attend the wake (in spirit only) – you never know what might be said about you! Any interesting stories perhaps…..

    • I frankly couldn’t care less what they say about me. I just wonder if any of my offspring that I’m not aware of will turn up.

  2. Yes, it’s a day for remembering all the dead family and friends. My grandmother died when I was 15 – my parents tried to keep me away from seeing her in hospital during the week before she went, but I visited anyway. Protecting the young from reality – pah!
    With so many memories to recall, it’s been a sobering and reflective day. And presently I have two close family members with terminal illnesses, so am expecting another round quite soon.

    • Sadly funerals become a lot more common with age. Instead of wondering where someone now lives, I wonder if they’re still alive. How many of my old classmates are gone by now? Scary stuff.

  3. As you/I get older more and more good friends pass away which reduces the chances of having a wake that you would actually want to attend.
    Also valued friends and relatives are these days likely to be scattered any where in the world.
    Maybe better to have a pre-wake, or un-wake, regularly at which you and all the people you value come together and celebrate that you are all still alive, complete with a full set of marbles.

    • I would be more than honoured for you to take on the task [and Herself agrees!]. You’ll have to give me a sneak preview of the script though before I depart.

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