Going to happen months ago — 5 Comments

  1. The Mask mandate expired here in New Zealand on Monday night.The difference in attitude of shop workers and customers is incredible. every one seems so much cheerful and friendlier.I am still amazed by the number of people who are still hiding behind masks even out in the open air.

    • Apart from the odd strange advertisement on television asking us to wear masks, the Virus is all but forgotten here. I still see the odd mask wearer but the general paranoia seems to be a thing of the past.

      Now they’re getting worried about Avian Flu. That’s one for the birds.

  2. Still some who can’t wait to get another round of injections.

    I popped onto a forum i no longer use yesterday, didn’t log in just had a poke nose on the relevant thread.
    Read the latest postings on the injections out to my Mrs, ”just about to get my 6th”, ”had Covid in Jan and again in May” ‘i felt much better 3 hours after taking it” ”my doctor thinks i now have long covid” etc etc, she was doubled over thought these were piss taking jests but no absolutely genuine, there are people still deep down the rabbit hole who don’t want it to end ever and are desperate for the hysteria to resume.

    They’ve avoided and denounced heatherns like me who dodged the shots like the plague, and haven’t twigged that its the repeat injected who keep getting ill….which incidentally is the situation where i work, they’re always bloody ill now though that could be summat to do with full sick pay from day one, are the shots addictive i’m beginning to wonder or is dodging work but expecting full pay the new disease.

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