Fun and games part deux — 4 Comments

  1. Trick with the council is to tell them that you will hold them liable for any damage which occurs now due to their tardiness in approving the start of repairs.
    I once had to seek council permission to fell a large and dangerous but ‘protected’ tree on my drive, but their delay in approving it was indefensible. So I simply notified them that they would now be held liable for any death, injury or damage caused by the dangerous tree – I got approval to remove it the next day.

    • I finally collected all the info ad ppsted the whole lot off by this afternoon’s post. I included a letter darkly hinting at liability for damage to the bathroom!

  2. Years ago I read a speech by a military tall forehead who proposed that for a country to qualify for first world status certain criteria must be satisfied: a stable system of governance; efficient government services; a transparent judiciary and a free press.

    I’ll just leave that out there without pointing fingers at anyone in particular.

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