The Worst Job — 5 Comments

  1. Next time, get a 1kg bag of soda crystals (about £1), pour as much as you can down the drain-hole, ideally half the bag, then boil a kettle of water and pour half the boiling water down after the crystals. Use the other half-kettle to brew some tea, sit down with a pipe and enjoy both at a leisurely pace. After that, boil another kettle of water and pour all that down the hole – there’s every chance the blockage will now be cleared as if by magic.

    Thereafter, every month or two, do the same thing as a preventative measure – it clears the build-up of grease that’s the primary cause of kitchen-sink blockages.

  2. I’m a bit nervous about shoving any kind of chemicals down the drain as it only heads out to a soakpit under the lawn. Some years ago that collapsed and had to be re-dug out which was a foul job.

  3. I gave a friend some caustic soda pellets for a slow sink he had. The landlord had to dig up the floor to replace the pipes which just collapsed from the experience.
    To this day we swear we know nothing about the incident.

    • Important not to confuse ‘Caustic Soda’ and ‘Soda Crystals’ – very different chemistry and risks.

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