On going senile — 10 Comments

  1. If you have not already, read “Warning” by Jenny Joseph. I see you as the male equivalent.
    The other thing is thinking aloud when looking at people. Much like a toddler.
    Mummy, why is that woman so fat? Mummy that man smells funny. Mummy, who was that nice man you kissed?

    • I’m ahead of the game there. I frequently have conversations with the dog while walking.

  2. Just remember
    See the happy senile.
    He doesn’t give a damn.
    I wish I were a senile
    My God, perhaps I am!

  3. GD you really think this is a joke I am surprised at you.
    I have looked after two family members over the last 10 yrs, who have this nasty thing.
    They’ve died, but at least they didn’t know what was going on in the end, TG.

  4. I reside in another country so i feel safe in writing this. I’m 80, a business owner for 60 years, and am now having fun pretending I’m senile while dealing with the state tax people. They now forgive everything I do “wrong”. I’m in non compliance with everything they demand, including using a computor to file. “computer?????my compute?? Never been much of a commuter. Business is real close here, i think”

  5. I can see myself writing that opener:

    I have been musing on the topic of senility.

    No, I’m not senile yet, or rather I hope I’m not.

    I have been musing on the topic of senility.

    Did I not just say that?

    Where was I?

    Thing is, it’s not completely a joke in my case.

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