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  1. I have a larger but similar looking arrangement of plumbing under my sink, at least yours won’t get blocked by tealeaves.

  2. German interest. It was the title of your last post. The Germans are very alert to any mention of The Sins of the Fathers.

    • Careful now.. you’ll have the Thought Police after you for spouting racism or xenophobia or something.

      • My retirement job is working as grounds keeper in the local park. The first task I was given (other than mowing), was to spray the park for clover, but only red and yellow clover. I was to leave the white clover unscathed. This sounded a tad raciest to me but as the new guy, who am I argue?

  3. “Damn but his prices have shot through the roof since I bought it!”

    Well, what did you expect? This outcome is almost guaranteed for a trend setter such as yourself!

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