The sins of the fathers — 8 Comments

  1. You’re not alone, governments everywhere set targets which are (a) stupid and (b) unachievable, but then continue to pour our money into that direction, even when it’s obvious to all that it’s a fool’s errand, the emperor really is naked.
    In the 21st century UK, they’re building a big 19th century train set, aiming to take hardly anyone between places they don’t want to be, just a few minutes quicker than an existing train that no-one uses anyway: it’s called HS2 and it’s swallowing billions, apparently unstoppably. They get so sucked in that they just can’t stop themselves, so we all end up paying the price.
    The Big Green Con is just another one of them – just bend over and prepare to be shafted every time.

    • Our crowning glory is the National Children’s Hospital which is estimated to come in at over two billion [the most expensive hospital in the world?]. Now they want to build a National Maternity Hospital and start on an underground rail system for Dublin. I wonder how many billions those two will end up costing us?

  2. Most exalted grandpop, mayhap you should suggest that said cows emitting clouds of toxic gas should be so provisioned that the gaseous waste be propelled unto a windmill strategically placed athwart top midsection thus mitigating and compensating for aforementioned toxic emissions. I suspect I will be put forward, forthwith, for a ‘Nobble Prize’ for being a bit of a twat. Arse Sausage.

    • You mean shove a little turbine up their arses? That’s not a bad idea. Of course an additional refinement would be to pipe the exhaust gasses into the house to fuel the heating system?

  3. Nah, they’ll just pass an Act of Parliament repealing the previous one. Simples!

    • I doubt that. They never miss an excuse to add an additional tax. Do you ever remember them removing a tax from anything?

  4. Been there, done that.

    The fetish for charging employees (I.e. employers) per car parking space provided. Pure unadulterated cost to private business, which they are expected to pass on to their hapless employees.

    Council building often generously cover the costs for their highly important “key” staff because reasons. Wonder where the money comes from.

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