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  1. Lucky to have found 20% of souls with an intact set of goolies and a healthy dose of common sense.

    Where i work around 5% of UK white natives would have nothing to do with the masks injections or anything other of the covid bollocks, the rest were sheep like, the only way you’d get up to 20% of those refusing to submit is by including former east europeans and those from other parts of the world who maybe know first hand (or from their parents who they listened to) what totalitarians are really about…i’ve had a revelation about my countrymen and the lack of bollocks over the last 2 years, find myself increasingly having more in common with those of foreign extraction than so many of my supposed own kind, who when push came to shove surrendered.

    On another note, its my birthday next weekend and the good woman is taking me out to dinner, yay, we usually go to a lovely little Sicilian restaurant in the town but she’s heard good things about one in a neighbouring small town, she’s just phoned to book a table at the one we haven’t been to…yes you know what’s coming…closed due to Covid.
    Double facepalm, that’s them off the bloody list we’ll be going to our favourite regular haunt then as usual and the shut for covid one won’t need to worry about us darkening their doorstep at any time.

    • Happy Birthday Judd! I think I realised how utterly compliant the Irish have become when the smoking ban was implemented. Where are the anarchists when you need them??

  2. for all of us Galway related……grandparents came to America…….we don’t get the gene jab or wear the mask OR distance and none of us got the chinese virus. However all those who got the shot are coming down multiple times with it bless their obedient little souls. Most of America is saying shove it to our corrupt government.

  3. I know two people who have had the virus.Both in their 60s and double jabbed, both mask wearers. They say that they felt grim for a couple of days,but then recovered completely over the following week.My point against all the mask wearing bullshit is that if they were as effective in preventing transmission as is claimed, why are so many wearers being affected. I have an official mask exemption,so can wander about unhindered.I have been challenged in a couple of shops but telling the challenger I have exemption has them backing off.I have noticed that there are more people now not bothering with masks.
    The Epidemiologist Professor at the local university is whingeing that the government is now letting politics get in the way of his desire to keep the public under the whip.

    • I don’t have an official exemption but I exempted myself anyway. It was a mixture of non-compliance and discomfort but I only wore them when forced to. I did have the jabs [and am still suffering from the side effects] but still haven’t had the Virus. Or maybe I have and didn’t know it?

  4. The only people I know who are testing positive are fully jabbed. (Testing positive with no symptoms and in perfect health – the dolts.)

    Just because a Chinese-made unreliable test says +ve, it doesn’t mean you have to give up all rational thoughts, two of which are:

    Why did you take a test when you were not unwell?

    Why do you believe the result over logic?

    Worldwide reports show again and again that lock-downs and masks make little difference to the spread of this flu virus, but still the weak-minded cling to these ineffective pabulums. Ain’t propaganda wunnerful?

    • Certainly masks made bugger all difference here. The only effective measure here was with the lockdowns, but look at the impact they had on society?

  5. I’m waiting for…….. The OMEGA VARIANT (evil Valentine Dyall type laugh).
    The trouble is that they’d have to come up with something even worse.

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