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  1. Height of summer it is. A couple of days ago I was uncomfortably hot for at least 30 minutes during the afternoon – and today has seen periods of sunshine interspersed with stormy bouts of very heavy horizontal rain. The rainbows are much brighter than those that happen in the winter.

    • The sun is actually shining at the moment though that’s not expected to last. Forecast for the week ahead – rain. At least the central heating is wound back to just one burst a day.

  2. Sheets of sticky, slimy snot?
    Back in the 50s every Irish parlour, butcher’s, fishmonger’s and baker’s shop had a pulled out roll of that stuff hanging from the ceiling.
    It was called “fly-paper”, and when it was completely black on both sides it was replaced.
    Rumour has it that the patisserie in every Irish village would gather all fully occupied fly-paper and incorporate them into a delicacy known as “Fly’s Cemetery.”

    • I remember those buns! For the life of me I can’t remember what we called them. It was something along the lines of dead bug buns or dead fly buns.

      • Well I’ve seen Father Ted (Arse!!!) and I watched “the quiet man”. Didn’t seem to rain excessively.

        I’m wondering where the orange groves and olive trees are that I should be living among by now?

        You do realise that all that rain was stolen from the oppressed turd world and they’ll soon be asking for shipments of water as reparations

  3. I think that the Irish (like the Scots) have more words relating to precipitation than the Inuits ( or whatever they are called this week) have for snow.
    My favourite is ” It’s a soft day. ” An absolutely perfect discription.
    In Scotland people will tell you that “It’s coming down stair- rods.” I am sure many folk won’t know what a stair-rod is.

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