How to confuse a computer — 8 Comments

  1. I wonder how many “people” leaving comments on the internet are actually AI’s. I wonder how many “people” writing blogs on the internet are actually AI’s. Has anyone actually met Granddad? is Ireland actually real. Am I actually real? Stay away from that power plu…..

  2. Grandad,
    I doubt clairvoyants and mediums are very happy as I guess a good chunk of their business will dry up as folk no longer need to pop in for a quick word with granny.

    • It would be a grand way to fuck with the heads of Schizophrenics though? Programme the machines with their own voices?

  3. Put two computers together, each with the ability to switch the other off.
    Then pose each with the Ultimate Question and let them argue it out.
    Call one Hal.
    Put in a third one, which can be switched off by either of other two, whose response to everything is “Why?”

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