Doctor’s orders — 7 Comments

    • He’s a grand lad all right. He reckons there might be a touch of a chest infection. Better safe than the alternative…..

  1. And what will you put into the strong cough bottle?
    Oh, wad some Power’s the Giftie gie us.
    I think that Rabbie would have appreciated both your company and that of your Doctor.
    For a laugh (sarcastic) read Death And Doctor Hornbook. He seems to know of Scobietoon. It gets a mention.

    • I’m sure I would have had agreeable evenings with Rabbie and Doc, but I might have had a wee problem with the accent and vocabulary. Scobietoon? Dublin? Nah! Dublin is remarkably civilised by comparison.

  2. “He would have given me a cert for work too, if I had asked for it.”

    Best ask for it next time, it would have been proof positive that you must decline orders for attention made by Herself.

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